How to Entertain Toddlers – 30 Smart Ways!!!

How to Entertain Toddlers

If you are wondering how you can entertain toddlers & looking for some great ideas then you are landed on the right place. You will find some awesome & easy to implement ideas here to entertain your child. So keep reading to know more.

30 Simple & Smart Ways to Entertain Toddlers

1. Towers:

Toddlers making towers

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So what kid’s favorite thing is to build towers & he also loves to break them as well. He loves to make it with blocks & food jars. He just really enjoys it.

2. Colorful Straws:

Toddlers Playing with Colorful Straws

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He also likes to play with colorful smoothie straws, he just plays with edges & he just like to talk about which color is which.

3. Cars & Wooden Train Set:

Toddlers playing with Wooden Train Set

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Cars are another favorite of the toddlers. He really likes to play with them. As he is getting older he does also enjoy taking them outside and playing down the slide or deck, he loves most vehicles to be honest. He really also enjoys his wooden train set.

4. Puppets:

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Toddlers love to play with puppets, this is also effective when sometimes your toddlers are not eating & you can make puppet to feed them & they feel better.

5. Sandbox & Water Table:

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Kids also love any kind of messy play and they really love sand and water table for them. Sometimes you can put shampoo & fairy liquid with into the water just adds to little bit different, they play with the bubbles & experiment with it.

6. Go for a Walk:

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Kids love to get out of the home & go for a walk and explore & spot some flowers, feed the ducks.

7. Park – Swings:

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Toddlers can do so much fun in the park especially they love the swing most.

8. Boxes:

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What it is with kids and boxes? If you had larger item delivered at your home then let the kids have the box & turn it into rocket shape. They love to paint in it sometime & have fun.

9. Ziploc Bag Painting:

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Another mess free way to paint is to put your paint in zip lock pack & put it on a window glass & let the kids move the paint around & all the mess is inside the bag & they will enjoy it.

10. Trampolining:

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Among the many toys kids loves the trampoline & slides very much.

11. Library:

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In terms of the kid’s favorite days out is library. It is a great fun to explore books & it is free as well.

12. Soft Play/ Gym Class:

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Toddlers also love soft play or a local gym class. He really enjoys playing & meeting new little friends. They also love the ball pool as the soft play.

13. Aquarium:

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Another very good day out & they love to going to aquarium. They love to speak to all the fish & jellyfish.

14. Swimming:

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Another great activity is swimming. Toddlers will go crazy with swimming & they will have a great time & fun.

15. Farm:

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The farm is also another great day out. They will love to look all animals & feed them if they get a chance.

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16. YouTube Music:

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Toddlers love the nursery rhymes & now it is easily available on YouTube.

17. Bubbles:

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Kids always loves bubble & they can enjoy playing with bubbles with the large bubble ring.

18. Trike Ride:

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Toddlers will also enjoy a trike ride & have a great time.

19. Toy Shop:

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Another good option is to take your kids to toy shop, its free; they can play with the toys & have lots of fun.

20. Books:

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They love the books, sound books & text books as well. We can teach few words & watch if they can remember those; this will be a good fun and learning at the same time.

21. Puzzles:

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They also love puzzles and the magnetic one from Melissa & Doug is real hit. There are many more great options for puzzles out there in the market.

22. Cut up Play Food:

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Another favorite toy is cut up play food, it Velcro’s together & can cut up with the knife.

23. Fort:

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They love building a fort as well, so they take bed sheets & blankets and put it over dining table & they have a fort.

24. Quizzing:

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Quiz is also of the great activities & toddlers loves it to play.

25. Torch & Glow Sticks:

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At the bed time the kids loves anything that glowing in the dark, they love to play with torch & glow sticks.

26. Cooking:

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You can also involve toddlers in cooking & they will love to be involved while you are making dinner & baking, they will help you stir the eggs, pour resin in, pour sugar in and stuff like that. You can also have your children decorate the cookies with icing & sprinkles with them shelves.

27. Stickers:

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Stickers are also another good activity that your toddlers will enjoy.

28. Surprise Eggs:

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Toddlers also love surprise as adults do & surprise eggs are great way to give them surprise.

29. Dance Party:

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Kids will have a great fun with the music, so we can do dance party & enjoy with them.

30. Easter Eggs Dying:

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Kids also love to do Easter egg dying but this is not suggested for the kids those are too young.

I would like to thank you & hope I have given some great ideas to entertain toddlers & hope you enjoy reading the post.

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